The Basics: How to find your measurements & WHY!

Finding your measurements in inches is one of the best things you can do for your yourself! There are a few key measurements you will want to pay special attention to, especially if you have a curvy or athletic body. These measurements are WAIST, HIP, and THIGH! When buying high waisted jeans, you'll start to learn your preference for RISE of a pair of pants too! Inseam is one last measurement that is helpful to know, especially if you're taller or shorter in height! So, let's dive in!

Please check out our quick reference video we made to find your waist, hip, rise and inseam measurements. Feel free to also refer to the chart cheat sheets for support. For further support check us out on Instagram or send us an email and we will be more than happy to walk you through the measuring process!

For best results, take a pair of your best fitting high-waisted shorts or pants to find your best measurements. Self measurement on ones own body can produce inaccurate or inconsistent results.

Hoping this can avoid any issues on both sides since we consistently measure our denim in this way, and since we do not currently offer returns.


  • Vintage tag sizes are NOT going to be equivalent to modern day sizes (especially Levi’s, which are generally about 2 inches smaller than tag sizes)
  • waist size is NOT enough to know if a jean will fit. Hips come in all sizes and if hip size is too small, waist size won’t matter.
  • women’s sizing is very inconsistent as we all know!
  • Men’s sizing tags do not equate to women’s waist sizes (more often then not shorts in vintage shops will be cut from men’s jeans)
  • Vintage numeric sizing differs greatly from modern sizing
  • sizing has so many categories, juniors, petite, plus, European, “womens”, there is 0 consistency.