1. Vintage tag sizes are NOT going to be equivalent to modern sizes (especially Levi’s, which are generally about 2 inches smaller than tag sizes). This is true of both Men's and Women's brands / sizing.

  2. Tag sizing among different brands, or even different styles in the same brand, is never consistent. You know that, I know that.  Enough said.

  3. So.... you identify as a women, but are curvy or athletic and are having trouble findings jeans in the "women's" section of the store. Hey.... PSTTT "Men's" jeans will actually fit better. But there isn't an easy way to know how to convert tag sizing. Honestly... who cares about a gender label or gendered section of the store. Measure everything in inches and now you have a plethora of options. (Just keep in mind, the "Men's" section will likely go by inches, but just be wary the tag size in inches does not necessarily equate to the actual inches when measured. Always have your keychain measuring tape on hand (you can find them on Amazon for cheap!)

  4. Waist size is NOT enough to know if a jean will fit. Hips come in all sizes and if hip size is too small, waist size won’t matter.

  5. Oh, hold up. Baby baby baby, those thighs carry the weight of your huge heart and you cant forget to include their measurements in your consideration on new pair of jeans. If you're athletic, muscular, curvy, thicc, whatever you choose to identify as, you're going to HAVE to consider your thigh measurement. Some vintage jeans (newer Levi's, some Wranglers) are going to have a very slim thigh in comparison to their waist or hip measurement. If it ain't passin the thigh, SKIP IT!

  6. Some jeans are made with Lyrca or Spandex, stretch material that unfortunately does not give an accurate measurement.