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Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box
Vintage Mystery Box

Vintage Mystery Box

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Each mystery box will include a minimum of 5 items! Your box may include any combination of the following items:

  • Tee(s)
  • Button-ups / Light Jackets
  • Sweater(s)
  • Accessories including sunglasses, jewelry, bandanas, belts
  • Toys & Nostalgia Items relevant to your chosen theme

Current themes offered are: 70s, 80s, 90s, Y2K (you can pick more than 1)

How it works:

Within 24 hours after your purchase, you will receive an email with a google form to complete. This form will have you pick your size, style, and theme preference. The quicker you complete your form, the quicker we can begin working on your box.

Because boxes are specially tailored to your preferences and items will be sourced especially for you, the package may take up to 28 days to ship.


At least two items will be clothing, which may include any combination of T-Shirt, Tank Top, Light Jacket, and/or Sweater.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Currently only available for US Shipping due to weight/shipping costs.
  • Only upper body clothing items will be included, no jeans/shorts/trousers due to the difficulty to size match.
  • Boxes are sourced primarily as gender-neutral in sizing (unisex sizing), but some pieces may lean feminine unless requested otherwise when you fill out your form.
  • Boxes not available styled for child sizes!
  • Please note, if you are purchasing this with another item, shipping cost may look high, and here is why:

Mystery boxes cost $10 to ship and this cost will be auto added to the shipping cost of other items in the cart. There will be two separate shipments for your order.

Example: You purchase a shirt and a box. The shirt will ship separately and sooner (within 72 business hours of purchase) for its own shipping cost.  (usually $5.50). The mystery box (takes up to 28 days to ship) has it's own cost of $10 to ship, and cannot be shipped with other items due to package / weight limitations.

Your total shipping would come to $15.50. This is actually two shipping costs for two separate shipping transactions, $5.50 for tee shipping, $10 for mystery box shipping later in the month when your box is ready!